Career Coaching

Career coaching can help you with your current job, establish your professional goals and support you in making a career change. I will never tell you what to do, but I can support you through decision making, and give you the time and space to talk about how you’re feeling, and understand what your goals are.

Who should consider working with a Career Coach?

Anyone who is considering a career change or who is interested in feeling more fulfilled in their current role, seeking a new role or possibly seeking a promotion or career progression

Why hire a Career Coach?

There are many ways career coaching could benefit you, what you take away from it really is down to you and the reasons why you are seeking help. What you cover during sessions will depend on what you and I agree to focus on, though common topics include:

  • improving your career progression within your current organisation
  • understanding your ‘perfect career’ and exploring your options
  • identifying and overcoming potential obstacles
  • learning to utilise your skills and experiences, and how to improve
  • interview coaching to help you stand out from the crowd
  • CV writing to help you get noticed
  • support in changing career paths
  • overcoming the feeling of being ‘stuck’ career-wise
  • positioning yourself for future opportunities
  • formulating a set of attainable goals and a plan of action
  • rebalancing your work and home life and manage personal priorities
  • returning to work after long-term leave or sickness

And you don’t need to be in a full-time role to benefit from career coaching. You may be a school or college leaver who feels a little lost after spending so long in education, not knowing where to turn next. You may be a university graduate; you may have spent years studying a particular subject, but realise it’s a career you no longer want to pursue.

Not knowing exactly what you want to do is OK and totally normal (trust me, you’re not the only one) but know there are options available.

What's the impact of Career Coaching?

As mentioned, as your career coach I won’t tell you what to do. I won’t give you the answers, but I will help you understand how you feel and what you want, and support you along the way.

You may be unsatisfied with your role and feel like you want to leave your comfort zone, yet something keeps you from making the jump. You may be worried that a career change is irresponsible; what if it’s the wrong decision? But the thing is, if your occupation is making you unhappy, you owe yourself the chance to find something better, something more fulfilling.

I am an expert in listening. I will listen to you, and together, we will start to break down your current situation and understand your feelings. This can be a difficult thing to do by yourself; often we can achieve this by speaking to friends and family, but sometimes professional support is needed.

The advice you receive from your coaching session will totally depend on you and your situation, feelings, wants and needs. I will help you break down these feelings, not just about your current role, but about your life as well.

We can forget about the influence our lives have on our work, and vice versa, so understanding what’s going on in your life and how to manage particular stressors is key. There may be something bigger going on that has influenced how you feel. It may be that actually, there’s nothing wrong with your job, instead, it’s your home or social life that is impacting your happiness. Work/life balance is so important, and when we spend so much of our lives at work, the two need to work together to keep us happy and healthy.

If you’re unsure of what occupation would truly excite you, it may be worth spending some time researching the avenues that suit your passions and strengths. Think, what did you love as a child? Was there a particular hobby or skill you enjoyed? Is there a job opportunity here?

When you discover a role or industry that encompasses your passions, it’s about understanding the skills and steps you need to take to get there. We will explore your strengths and weaknesses, your passions and your blocks. Consider how you would describe yourself.
We will work together to identify your areas of improvement, the skills you have and any further training you may need. Together we can then build a plan of action and start working toward your goals.

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